About Kate

Describing the ethereal depth of Kate Suhr’s voice is much like trying to hold water in hand. Elusive yet very much present, her vocal range embodies fluidity and depth; graceful whispers dip and roll before soaring to powerful high notes that hit with pinpoint accuracy – a unique sound and delivery that melts expectations and defies stereotype.

As a songwriter, Kate’s stories are equally deceptive by beckoning listeners into familiar waters of love, hope and loss before coursing into deep waters with an emotional intensity and fragility that is both heartbreaking and breathtaking.

On stage, Kate’s rapport with audiences is equally magnetic.

Her career and travels from one opportunity to the next she credits to her practise of opening herself to the universe and readying herself for opportunities, not to be mistaken for a naïve or passive philosophy, but instead a learned response to receptivity.

Suhr divides her time between Toronto and Peterborough, Ontario, fuelled by the energy of the city as much as intimacy of the small town. Drawing from all points of light in her life, she continues to explore new paths of emotional honesty and universal connections in her songs.

December 2020 marks the release of  “Better Off Together” (produced by James Bunton), an uplifting ode to the pain and joy of love; like so many of Suhr’s songs, it is an equally poignant statement for the much-needed collective embrace of the times.